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Needless to say, I have been getting quite a few emails. Here are some of them. And I apologoise to anyone who feels the I should have asked them before putting them here, but the reality was that I either did it without permission or I didn't do it at all.


Some messages
in random order

From Nick Kendall, London.
Dear unique irreverent outrageous lovely Robin - we all feel so privileged to have known and loved her.
With all love
Nick, Susie, Lella and Annie (Kendall)

From Shelley Hancox
Robin has been the most inspirational person to many and a wonderful friend and supporter in the 40 years I have known her.
She was quite the most positive person I have every known even in her "dark days" when by her standards she was almost living "in poverty".
Apart from being World's Best Hostess, Chef and all round great  company she was just a wonderful human being.

From Yvonne and Frank Nicholls
There is little we can do to comfort you as you face the loss of your wonderful and beloved Robin.  We are most grateful that you shared her with your friends.
Robin was feisty, warm, loving and wickedly funny and we feel her loss greatly.  She cheered us with her spontaneous kisses.
Yvonne and Frank

From Val Lenaghan
I am just contacting you to say I am thinking of you at this sad, but at the same time happy time for Robin.  We are all happy she is no longer suffering but she will be sadly missed by her family.  I know Sal was really fond of her and of course Anna & Sam.  I have known her for 33 years & have come to know her pretty well .  I admit I was rather in awe of her to start with, but once I knew her better  I soon got over that!
Sincerely , Val.

From Lassa, Arifa and family, Srinager, Kashmir
I see you cry, I cry for you. I see you hurt, me too. But the loved one that had finished her life on earth is not dead. Her life had just begun. She is still with us in spirit. That you must believe. We must cherish the great deeds she has done, and the best of her fond memories we should remember.
May Allah put her in the haven of havens.
Gh. RASOOL (Lassa, family and staff of Clermont)

From Maria Kaczmarska (aka Foster)
In the too few years I have known Robin, I have been deeply touched by her lovingness, nuttiness, her beautiful writing and her modesty.
Thank god she wrote about some of her life so that her voice will remain with me.

From  Christopher and Gillian Campbell (Western Australia)
Fun, mischievous, adventurous, compassionate, efficient, joyful and sometimes a bit scary are all words that come to mind when thinking of her.
Robin has been in Christopher’s life forever, the last of “The Girls.”  She was always there when needed, mentor, adviser, friend and with a jolly  “come on Critter” or a gravelly “never”, her thoughts were always taken on board.  She had a really active mind, rare wit and was a great story teller and her exploits into the wildest of countries and terrain to catch that illusive fish were a source of great mirth and worry at times.  The compassion she had for the under privileged people she grew to love was amazing and they will remember her.
Robin’s knack with animals shone through with the menagerie she kept and she would often travel long distances to rescue a wombat, kangaroo or whatever that had been hit by a car or tangled in a fence, plus the dogs, cats and birds she collected along the way.  Goulash is Goulash, a dog of much character who gave her great pleasure and comfort.
She will be truly missed.
Gillian, Christopher, Lisa, Robert, Digby and families.

From Jason Garrett, Tasmania
My dear Robin, the smooth waters of Levett’s Bay will always reflect your beauty. Your lakeside wallabies will sit upright to listen to your stories carried to them in the gentle breezes. Baby wombats will snuggle warm in their red earth burrows.
Through rain, hail and snow your spirit never faulted and I shall cast my flies in loving memory of you. My dear Robin.

From John Kerr
We were in the garden at Newstead, and you told Robin that I was writing a book about murders. Robin’s response ‘I was at a murder once…’ is heard once in a lifetime, maximum.
Then, to find she had been thoughtful about that sad conjunction of events showed another side of her. Both sides were strong and humane ones. Her life has been a full one, town and country and on locations, some of which, like Rangoon, are still exotic.

From Gulam Butt, Srinagar, Kashmir
It is sad and tragic to know the sad demise of our beloved Robin. Oh God, peace be on her soul. We all really miss her as she was a great Lady. May God give you courage to  bear the loss of  our great friend. Our prayers will be always with her and hope that she will be in peace.
God Bless you all 

From Judy and Philip Jackson
Judy and I want to send you our deepest sympathy. Robin was a remarkable woman as I am sure I do not need to tell you. We have been kept in touch with her courageous battle against cancer by our dear friend Michael Joshua. I hope you have lots of happy memories to make your sad loss more bearable. You are in our thoughts.
Philip Jackson

From Tom Rosser

For over 30 years Robin took me under her wing, why, I will never know. She was a woman so ‘out of my league’

I started as a Stud Hand on Willowmavin and became part of her extended family. She was a grand, elegant woman who could willingly forgive yet fiercely scold, I have been there!! I grew to love Robin and will miss her forever.

If there is a hereafter, Paradise, Heaven or whatever, I’m so sure she will be busy organising things, I hope God enjoys her company as much as we did, and finds enough quality red in his cellar.

Tom Rosser

From Leo and Loma Teller

What can one say, except that there will be one more bright star in the sky now, over Australia and Kashmir. Robin, the lady of joy, kindness and laughter, will be remembered always. Her many talents and warm heart were given to so many. Sleep well, dear Robin, you will ever be in our thoughts.

Leo nd Loma Teller

From John and Rita McLeod, Saskatoon, Canada (currently in Prague)

If anyone could be relied on to call a spade a spade, Robin would be hard to beat.

Although we did not meet Robin as frequently as most of your other friends, her passing is particularly poignant for me, realizing that it is only just over a month ago that I had the good fortune to lunch with you both in Newstead.

Our sincerest sad regards to you, Nick. You and Robin were quite a couple.

John and Rita

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