For Book Editors only – free download

I've written a booklet entitled How Times Changed, designed for those for whom editing is something which happens on a computer screen. It tells you about the joys and perils you have missed – by less than fifty years.

The current version is much better thanthe earlier ones, thanks in particular to contributions from Janet McKenzie, who is the best editor I have ever had, Tony Geeves, who knows so much that I don't, and Ian Boyle, who has mean eye for a stray full stop.

But I would still like some more help.. Not just checking for typos and solecisms, but for errors of commission or omission, boring bits, factual inaccuracies - anything that you think makes it less than satisfactory in doing its appointed task. I would particularly like to hear from a person who is totally new to the profession, who could tell me whether it is interestlng and helpful and, if not, how it could be improved

Click here to download a free pdf of HOW TIMES CHANGED (version 4)

Click here to download the latest edition of FOREBEARS AND COUSINS

Hudsons, Kendalls, Doyles and Shaws (others only if you are prepared to be bored and disappointed).]

The item available above is the 5th Edition of FOREBEARS AND COUSINS, which takes us up to events of Christmas 2015. But of course it lacks mention of events I don't know about. I need your help, if possible by writing your own stories for inclusion in it. Failing that, give me the information and I will put it in. Births, marriages and  deaths, funny stories, achievements, hopes.